Parking Lot Repair Houston

We specialize in parking lot repairmaintenance and striping of concrete surfaces in Houston TX. New Construction, Installations and Repair Services for all concrete surfaces used at Commercial, Industrial, Multi-unit Apartments, Property Management and Retail Facilities. Call 281-607-1414 today to request a bid.

Our repairs include reworking the base material to best ensure the problem doesn’t return. We use the proper size rebar for proper repairs for better resistance to weight.

Commercial Parking Lot Repair Contractors

Call to request a free quote! We provide our customers full service maintenance and repair services.

image of crew repairing storage facility parking lot
image of concrete repairs made at a storage facility

Parking Lot Installation and Maintenance

We believe in getting the job done right the first time and keeping our customers satisfied to where they are sure to let their their friends and associates about our concrete company.

No matter the size of your parking lot maintenance job.

Our paving contractors are equipped with the manpower and expertise to get your job done on-time and on-budget! These repairs provide our customers with increased safety and productivity everyday.

Commercial Paving Services

We are experienced at patching and repairing concrete. To make sure your restored worn out surfaces lasts as long as it should, consult with our pavement expert to obtain advice on how to best maintain your surface.

Pothole Repair for Local Businesses

image of the repaired concrete parking area after work is done

Potholes are definitely a nuisance in Houston and the surrounding areas.

They can quickly turn a nice looking surfaces into an unsightly area in no time flat and give an unappealing feel to the business location.

making repairs to parking area at a local restaurant

Don’t delay the repairs. Instead contact our company who is equipped for even the smallest of repairs at reasonable costs.

We are all about repairing parking structures and restoration for commercial and industrial properties.

We look forward to talking to you and hopefully the opportunity to work with you.

Concrete Paving services, pot hole repairs, Resurfacing – Call 281-607-1414 to schedule your free quote today.

after image of repaired concrete surface at retail location
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