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Welcome to our website. We invite you to browse our website to learn about the wide array of concrete and construction services our company provides in the Houston metroplex area. Call 281-671-4809 to schedule a Free Estimate today!

Expert concrete contractors for installation, replacement, and repair services in Houston Texas. We also handle all types of new concrete foundations and replacement work. We are a second-generation concrete company with over 15 years of experience helping individuals and contractors with their projects.

Commercial and Industrial

  • Civil Work
  • New Construction
  • Parking Lot Installation
  • Metal Building Foundation
  • Warehouse Foundation
  • Loading Dock Ramps

Concrete Delivery Services

  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Warehouse Ramps
  • 3-Yard Delivery Minimum
  • Saw Cutting Replacement & Repair

Parking Lot Maintenance

  • Parking Lot Repair
  • Pothole Repair
  • Saw Cutting
  • Paint Stripping
  • ADA-Compliant Concrete
  • Resurfacing

Houston’s Commercial and Industrial Concrete Projects

image of repair set on parking lot concrete forms

We’ve shifted gears, and now 80% of our work in Houston is focused on industrial and commercial concrete services, including major civil projects.

Look no further if you’re looking for high-quality commercial concrete construction. We have the goods for contractors and construction companies in Houston and beyond as a leading ready mix supplier.

Do you have a large project on your hands?

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Reinforced Concrete Pavement for Driveway and Road Work.

Commercial Paving Contractor

New Construction

Driveways and Roads

Fast and Reliable Pricing

Concrete Driveway Contractor

Concrete Driveway Services

Get concrete driveway repair cost that matches the actual work you want and needs to be done at your commercial or industrial property. Once our estimate walks the surface area with the property owner to understand their desired goals.

Driveway Repair Estimates

We will take measurements and discuss options available to complete the scope of work. Then we will email you a written quote for your review. All our concrete repair estimates will outline the work and material to be used to complete your job.

Houston Concrete Repair

If it’s a concrete repair job. We’ll include the cost to break out and remove the old debris. We can usually provide you with pricing over the telephone if have an idea of the size of the area you are trying to get done (e.g., a 10×10 area equals 100 square feet). Don’t worry if you don’t have the measurements.

We’ll take down your information and then schedule a convenient time for the estimator to meet with you at the property to measure the area and discuss your design options. You’ll find our guy’s to be professional and courteous every time. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you should you decide to contract our services.

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Need Ready Mix Concrete?

Houston concrete suppliers serve contractors and builders throughout the greater Harris County community. Our primary focus is to help our customers complete their construction projects on time and within budget.

We supply high-quality, fresh ready mix concrete. Residential, commercial, and Industrial jobs. We serve all areas of Houston, Servimos a Todo el Metropex de Houston, 1 Yard and Up, 1 o Mas Yardas, Credit Cards Accepted, Aceptamos Tarjetas de Crédito.

Houston concrete supplier

Affordable concrete prices

Dependable, on-time delivery

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Driveway Installation and Replacement Quotes

We offer free quotes for commercial and industrial entrance and driveway installation and replacement services. We will meet with you at the property to take measurements of the driveway to be installed or replaced. Our estimator will ask for your email address to forward you our written estimate for your review. 

Click Here to view images from recent projects. Click Here to look over patio ideas. 

Take your time and look over our website to familiarize yourself with lots of surface options. Then pick up the phone and call 281-671-4809 for more information or to schedule a quote.


What methods do concrete contractors use to manage debris during a project?

Concrete contractors often utilize waste management techniques such as recycling concrete debris, using it for fill material, or hiring specialized disposal services to handle the waste.

How does a budget impact the work of a concrete contractor?

The budget directly impacts the quality and quantity of materials used, the complexity of the design, and the time frame for project completion. Contractors must balance these factors with client budget constraints to ensure a successful project.

What is ready-mix concrete and when would a contractor choose to use it?

Ready-mix concrete is pre-mixed in batches at a plant and then delivered to construction sites. It’s typically used when a large amount of high-quality concrete is needed quickly or when on-site mixing isnt practical due to lack of space or resources.

How can I ensure that my budget will cover all costs associated with hiring a concrete contractor?

You should ask for detailed quotes from multiple contractors, ensure everything you need is included in those quotes (materials, labor, cleanup), and plan for unexpected expenses by setting aside additional funds.

Can old concrete debris be reused or recycled in any way by contractors?

Yes, many contractors recycle old concrete into aggregate that can be used in road bases, riprap revetments, or new concrete mixtures. This not only helps manage construction waste but also lowers overall costs by reducing the need for virgin materials.